The Original Simplicity

Modern is one of dozen styles of interior design. About him speak only emotionally-exalted adjectives: bright, unusual, beautiful, elegant, and respectable. However, with all this enthusiasm, modernity is not splendour and not pomposity, but refinement, refinement and elegant simplicity.

Modern is a style that requires a lot of accessories, its highlight is various small things and home furnishings: vases, caskets, figurines, mirrors, candlesticks and other products that are not so much functional as the decorative purpose.

Modernity attracts with its details, but makes special demands on them: quirkiness, originality, and naturalness of tones, forms reminiscent of any creature, plant or in general unreal outlines. The most characteristic symbol of modernism is iris.

However, the presence of vases, pillows, photographs and other items must be unique, unusual and flawlessly made, causing associations with works of art.

But this is not enough: they must make up an ensemble, complement each other, be in the same vein with furniture, interior decoration, etc. in other words, modern is a synthetic style.

The Art Nouveau style also does not accept straight lines and sharp corners. He has wavy, sinuous, smooth, flexible, asymmetric outlines, abstract, but inspired, alive.

8 Indispensable Accessories For The Interior In The Art Nouveau Style

1. Vase

Vases in the Art Nouveau style have bright colors and bold unusual shapes, interior stylist might say, flexible and flowing. Material – ceramics, glass, crystal, bronze. Or mixing materials with bronze. As Images, female figures, stylized flowers, climbing plants, but-terflies, dragonflies and other natural motifs are used. Flora and fauna merges into one: irises with peacocks, lotuses with butterflies, water-lilies with dragonflies. it is not necessary to put flowers in the vases, they are beautiful in themselves.

2. Clock

One of the elements of the decor can also be clock that have a non-standard design. They should ideally blend in with the interior and not clutter the space. Often it is the wall clock that eloquently speaks about its owners, emphasizing their status, tastes and Interests.

3. Box

To create a modernist style in the interior, you can use boxes – metal or glass, with rings, earrings, chains and other small jewelry. By the way, the box is a perfect gift not only because of its aesthetics, but also because it can be donated with the values that will be stored in it.

4. Mirror

Mirrors serve primarily to decorate the premises, attracting attention forms, framing. They have a complex configuration, often tinted or combined with conventional mirrors. Another feature is that the edges of the overlaid frame parts should be reflected in the mirror, due to this, the surround volume is visually enhanced. Often, mirrors are used in the backs of beds, in which case flowers and birds are cut out on them.

5. Pillow

Pillows, a traditional element of decoration, used in the Art Nouveau style. They complete a single ensemble in the room and turn the sofa into a bright element, focusing on Itself with rich colors and patterns on the fabric.

6. Figure

A bright accent will be statuettes in the form of luxurious figures for silver or bronze. They will organically look in the living rooms, bedrooms, hallways and combine with the style of table lamps and lampshades.

7. Candle

Do not forget to mention candlesticks, also an important accessory, without them modern is simply unthinkable. Of course, they are more of a decorative element, but in special cases, to give a romantic or cozy place or solemnity to the event, it is quite ap-propriate to light the candles.

8. Photo Frame

As an additional design element, the use of photo frames is welcomed. They ideally look at the headboards of beds and often have removable baguettes (natural wood, leather or glass) with stylish ornaments and rhinestones.

These and other interior items you can buy to decorate your house in a modern style. When choosing accessories, remember that modern is a luxury, but without excess, is the original simplicity.