Five Rules For Choosing The Perfect Wedding Dress

Throughout the world, a bride’s wedding day is touted as one of the most important, if not the most important, days in a woman’s life. And what takes a wedding day from barely memorable to truly remarkable? It’s all in the details. Taking the time and care to plan every detail of your wedding is what we like to call having a sense of style. Style extends from the tablecloths you choose to your shoes to your hairstyle. Style is paramount to creating the wedding of yours dreams. You want to look beautiful and stylish on your wedding day, but you also want to feel comfortable and relaxed, in order to enjoy your own special day. You are about to embark on an exciting journey of self-discovery as you investigate the perfect glamorous gown for your figure and wedding day.

Be Realistic

If you start your research by watching Disney movies, you might have fantasies about swirling effortlessly around a ballroom wearing a dress with a six inch waist and a flaring skirt. Or you might be drawn by a model’s sleek silhouette at a fashion show. The two stereotypical wedding gowns – the “meringue” ball gown and the slinky sheath – are both difficult dresses for most women to wear. You also need a great deal of practice and experience to know how to stand and walk confidently in these extreme ensembles.

Alternately, you might feel intimidated by certain glamorous styles, particularly when you are used to wearing casual clothes every day. You don’t really know what suits you until you have tried a few dresses on, so start your search at the nearest bridal shop and try a few dresses on in various styles. Take along a loyal friend who will tell you honestly whether you are better suited to clouds of tulle or a sliver of satin. Once you have worked out what style suits you best, you can start narrowing your search to find the perfect bridal dress hk for your perfect day.

Keep in mind that while practicality may not be much of a concern when you’re drunk with dress-desire, it will be an issue on your wedding day. Unlike the store of the dress shop, weddings have a funny way of forcing brides to climb up and down stairs, dance, bend over and reach up, and move their bodies in all sorts of ways that, if done wearing a constricting dress, can be incredibly uncomfortable. Think back to how miserable you were the last time you broke in a new pair of shoes – ouch! Then think twice about getting the dress that makes you look fabulous, but makes it nearly impossible to breathe.

Don’t Live Out Someone Else’s Expectations

A wedding day is not just about the couple; nor is it just about the bride. Family and friends all have a sentimental investment in this day, and they all want to contribute… for better or worse! You might need to compromise over little things, such as agreeing to invite the great-aunt you don’t remember ever meeting, but stay in control of all personal decisions. It might be your grandmother’s dearest wish to see you wearing her wedding dress, but if the dress is uncomfortable or doesn’t suit you, it will detract from your pleasure in your own wedding day. Your sisters and best friends might be pressuring you for the full-on formal wedding so they can be bridesmaids, but if that isn’t what you want, stand firm. While it’s fun to go window-shopping with your mother, sisters and friends in tow, it is also important to spend some time quietly thinking through what you want for yourself. Make it clear which aspects of your wedding day you are happy to compromise on, and which aspects will be your decision alone.

Choose The Right Support For The Gown

When you look through magazine photographs of the Oscars, you see movie stars looking effortlessly elegant in the most glamorous gowns, while the female writers and directors are awkwardly sinking into heavy folds of taffeta. You might think the difference is simply that actresses and models are more experienced in choosing flattering colors and designs and they have also learnt the knack of walking and standing in a long evening gown. However, the real difference lies beneath the surface – the right undergarments will transform your gown, creating smooth sleek lines that flatter your natural shape. Whatever style of dress you choose, you need appropriate support for your bust and your waist, and you need a suitable underskirt so your skirt flows in clean natural lines. The right foundation garments will allow your dress to complement the natural elegance of your figure.

The perfect gown also fits correctly, so there are no bulges around the waist and no gaping around the bust. You should be able to move your arms comfortably within the sleeves and your skirt should hang cleanly so it does not catch under the heels of your shoes. When window-shopping for your dress always ask if alterations are included. If you manage to find a beautiful dress second-hand, you might need to pay a bit extra to have it fitted for your exact shape.

The big test of a wedding gown’s comfort and practicality is whether you can manage to go to the toilet by yourself. If you are planning to wear a full ball gown, you might ask your bridesmaids to help you with your skirt when you need to go to the toilet.

Your Dress Will Fit Your Budget

You’ve found the “perfect” dress – it is exactly what you’ve been looking for, right down to the sweep of the skirt and the beading on the bodice. There’s only one problem. The wedding gown is way past your budget – if you buy it, you won’t be able to afford the wedding itself!

When there is so much at stake in finding the perfect dress as part of the perfect wedding, you run the risk of losing sight of your budget. Remember, the expensive version of the perfect dress is only the prototype of one within your price range. Pay close attention to the style, the cut, the wedding accessories hong kong and embellishments, and then continue your search until you find almost exactly the same dress at a price you can afford.

The expensive local wedding boutique is a great place for trying on gowns at the beginning of your search. Once you know what style you are looking for, expand your search to include vintage shops, market stalls, second-hand stores, even E-bay!

Remember, if you buy your gown second-hand, you will be extremely lucky for it to fit you perfectly. Part of the glamour of an elegant gown is that it looks as if it is a part of you. So when you save money on the gown, set aside some funds to have the dress altered by a dressmaker so it fits you seamlessly.

Your Dress Will Suit The Occasion

Maybe you’re planning a beach wedding or you intend to dance all night; or perhaps your reception will be a seven-course feast of all your favourite foods. Either way, your dress needs to rise to the occasion, so you remain comfortable and mobile. Weddings are usually marathon events with the bride expected to smile and greet dozens, if not hundreds of friends and family, in between driving from one place to another in a hectic flurry of activity. You will dance and eat; you will climb steps and wade through sand. So, you don’t want to be holding your side because your bodice is too tight for you to breathe and smile simultaneously. Nor do you want to be dragging a heavy water-logged skirt through the bridal waltz. Find a dress that suits your itinerary for the day, so you can remain comfortable and fresh and enjoy everything else you have looked forward to for so long.