Too Important Wine

During the fall of the leaves, an apparently unachievable mystery was to crack the law on the correct amount of alcohol consumption. Appropriate amount, drink suckers and suckers, we mean healthy amounts.

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends that adult men drink two glasses or less a day, and adult women drink one drink or less a day. But the leaves are worth putting a lot (or more) on a festive feast, a Netflix movie binge, or a family karaoke conference.

It can be subtle to give up beer, wine, or blends for health, especially around the leaves that make drinking a major factor (ahem, New Year’s Eve holiday).

Nonetheless, there are some healthy ways to drink alcohol while still having fun on your own. It is also a style guide to maintain proper balance.


When does drinking become overeating?


Binge drinking is defined as five glasses of wine for men and four glasses of wine for women within two hours. During the holidays, due to basic social pressure, you may inadvertently binge drinking. This is why experts say it is essential to stay away from liquor store throughout the day.

Brian Dugan, a registered dietitian in Chicago, Illinois, stated that concerns about balance and moderation are crucial.

“On the leaves, managing alcohol can be quite challenging,” Dugan said. “In fact, all forms of drinking can be unhealthy. It’s a fashionable practice to worry by distributing drinks throughout the day and socializing instead of really fast drinking. Keeping soaking is also very important, indeed when drinking.”

Excessive drinking not only leads to bad food leftovers, but also causes problems the next day, such as vomiting and alcoholism. Not to mention the obvious liver enterprise.

Dugan pointed out that the type of food people eat when drinking at holiday parties plays an important role in denying excessive drinking. This means that any green (cough cough, green tires) can bypass the current carbohydrates and bombs are a must.

“It’s important to eat more foods with fiber and vegetables,” Dugan said. “It’s too important, because alcohol affects metabolism, so alcohol acts like a poison in our body. Getting some spare protein with the carbohydrates of Mac, junk and fillings will make a difference.”

Ijeoma Opara, a peripheral professor of social and behavioral science at the Yale School of Public Health, said that social pressure can constantly mix with the brain chemistry, creating a perfect binge-drinking storm around the leaves.

“Alcohol is a sedative, and people will continue to use alcohol to manage certain commodities without knowing it,” Opala said. “Because you can move yourself easily, you drink a lot of alcohol a day-and the same thing for a week or two. It’s important to maintain your drinking habits, and just purposefully understand the importance of your choice of drinking.

“The important thing is not to feel pressured because of other people. Adults should worry about the importance of drinking with their children. Young people are watching. They may not say anything, but everyone remembers that a drunk uncle fell on the floor. .”


What is the impact of the epidemic on holiday drinking?


In all fairness, the siege played a big role in alcohol consumption during the epidemic. An October study showed that during the coronavirus pandemic, there was a positive correlation between an increase in the number of people on the liver waiting list and an increase in alcohol retail transactions.

The study is consistent with previous epidemiological studies, one of which reported that nearly one in five Americans recently switched to “heavy drinking” for management in April.

However, with the decline of Covid-19 companies, do we dare to worry that the closed nature of the quarantine will bring remnants to the public-which means that the coma of the two first holiday parties may prompt more alcohol consumption?

Opala conducted a study on New Yorkers’ alcohol abuse during the lockdown. He said: “We are definitely seeing an increase in the number of people drinking during the epidemic, because liquor stores are considered essential and people treat everything. Feeling very anxious.”

“So you consider all of this, now you may be bombarded by business for seeing your family or being with everyone for the first time in months or a few times. This is provocative, but it does not change Safe drinking (narration).”