DIY Cleaning & Organization

DIY cleaning and organizing is where you find tips, hacks, and tricks on how to clean and organize a little better. This is usually for your house or a particular project, and it’s easy to find life hacks that will help you. You can organize in various ways, and there are a multitude of tools and ideas out there that can help you to organize a little easier.

The goal of DIY organizing is to make sure that you use household or common items to organize your home a little better than you could before. It also works great on a budget, you will not want to hire an overseas domestic helper. The goal of DIY cleaning Is so that you can learn to clean without the use of harsh chemicals, and It ties into DIY organizational skills very easily. These cleaning skills make it a little easier, but there is a certain level of creativity involved. DIY hacks are meant to make your life a little easier.


DIY cleaning and organization hacks help make you feel good about yourself, as you’ll feel empowered and self-confident. They’re also known as better organizational tips and cleaning solutions for your home. It also helps with speed cleaning, and you can even break It down into days and sections. You’ll find that after DIY cleaning and organizing, It’s a little easier to keep your house clean and organized. It gives you the tools you need to keep working.


Starting Regime

Starting a regime is the best way to tackle DIY cleaning tactics, especially when It comes to organization and everyday cleaning. This means that DIY cleaning tactics can’t be done in one day, It’ll take several days and steps to clean a room. It’ll be a combination of organizational and cleaning tactics.

Save Money

You’ll need products still, but you’ll find that the products used In DIY cleaning and organization cost a great deal less than those that you employ a filipino domestic helper. You can help cut down the expense with DIY hacks and tips, especially when it comes to taking your time doing so.

Use Less Unknown Chemical Products

You don’t have to worry about harsh chemicals, so you won’t have to leave the rooms to air afterwards unless you just don’t like the smell of products such as vinegar. You’ll find that DIY regimes are much easier to keep clean as well as safer to use.


Your kitchen is an essential part of your home, and you’ll need to keep it both clean and organized. However, there is no reason at all to use expensive and harsh cleaning products. You can save your skin the trauma of drying out, your lungs from rejecting those fumes, and yourself from buying the expensive products by using these DIY cleaning and organizing tips for your kitchen. Most of them are simple to use, and they’re still quite effective.

Homemade Cleaners for Your Kitchen

Below you’ll find some homemade cleaners for your kitchen that are toxin free. These will help you to keep your kitchen clean with little to no problems, and you’ll find that most of them are quite easy to make. You’ll need only a few ingredients, and your kitchen will be as clean as any other, even those that use store bought cleaners and chemicals.

Making Your Own Liquid Dish Soap

It’s not that liquid dish soap is the most expensive product on your shopping list, but dish soaps can dry out your hands and have other side effects that are just undesired. Some dish soaps have even been known to reduce sperm count in men and some of them can even cause liver cancer. This is due to the phthalates that’s contained within the soap, and it’s actually quite dangerous. There’s no reason to expose yourself to unnecessary risks when making your own is this simple and easy. It’s just as effective as any liquid dish soap you can buy without being half as harmful to you.

You’ll only need a few products to make this wonderful liquid dish soap that you can use in your kitchen. You’ll first need Castile soap to start with. This will be the base of your liquid dish soap, and it’ll give it most of the properties that you need. You can choose to get a presented or unscented one, and it’s completely up to your preference when you pick. You can save money by getting it by the gallon, but a whole gallon will not be needed for one small bottle. Then, you’ll need baking soda and vinegar. White vinegar will do nicely. This will help to get your dishes exceedingly clean by getting rid of the grease.

Next, you can add an essential oil to help with the smell, and it’s completely up to your preference. Many people add a citrus scent, vanilla, or lavender. Though, lemon is also a favorite for cleaners. A bottle with a squirt top will also be needed to put the solution in when you’re done. You’re now ready to actually start making your dish soap. Just combine all of the ingredients, preferably in a large bowl so you can mix it properly without any spills. You’ll also need water to help make it a little more liquid. The concentration you leave it at is completely up to you. You need to whisk these ingredients together until they are thoroughly blended. Then you can put them in the container to be used.