CIL Process

Cil is an advanced supported fully viscous cyanide cyanide observed through zinc substitutes, which thickens before leaching, leaching and adsorption, gold-loaded carbon and electrode action, pickling and gold smelting. The best feature of the cil process is that the leaching is performed at the same time. In this way, the stirring tank can be retained, thereby saving money. In recent years, it has been widely used in newly built leaching plants.

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有些人問,智慧鎖比一般鎖貴那麼多,性價比高確實高嘛?伴隨著高新科技的發展,智慧家居系統正一點點走入家家戶戶,坐廁也由manual bidet變為智能化坐廁,特別是在針對新房子裝修的客戶而言,她們大部分將智能鎖放到優選。自然,舊式機械密碼鎖還是能考慮平時進出的要求,可是要想更聰慧更方便快捷的日常生活,挑選智慧鎖一定不賠。

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