Q: What is this site about?

This site is all about offering readers with the most comprehensive sets of information with regards to the wonderful world of airsoft and the various equipment and gear that can be obtained in the pursuit of the ultimate war games simulation.

Q: What is Massive Defense?

Massive Defense is a distributor of high quality air soft gear, including the actual model guns such as rifles and handguns, and protective equipment such as paddings and masks.

Q: What is Airsoft?

In short, airsoft is the activity by which participants shoot each other with plastic pellets that are shot from model guns at high velocity in a simulated battle.

Q: What is a war game?

A war game is simply a match or an airsoft session wherein groups or individuals simulate two opposing sides that must accomplish certain goals. The most straightforward of this is eliminating the competition to the last person standing.

Q: How can I get started in Airsoft?

Anyone can get started in airsoft. All they need to do is find a club or a facility, inquire about the prospect and comply.

Q: Where can I join Airsoft?

You can join a club, a facility, or a team in your local area or an area near you. You could also form a team from scratch with your friends, family members, or just fellow airsoft enthusiasts.